Fasken Martineau

South Africa

Graduate Candidate Attorney

The Programme

To maintain the firm's high standards of excellence in service delivery to clients, and approach each task with enthusiasm and a desire to deliver work of a high standard, whilst seizing every opportunity to learn and grow in experience.

To be involved in projects and work as part of a larger team - exposing you to a broad range of skills and providing you with hands on experience.

To join and engage with voluntary committees and key elements in civil society.

What you will Do

Reporting to a Director alongside a team of specialised professionals, you will be required to, amongst other things:

  • Provide support to other lawyers within the firm in all aspects of legal practice
  • Assist in the preparation of matters for trials or hearings
  • Research and prepare legal opinions
  • Attend consultations with clients, witnesses and experts
  • Attend pre-trial conferences and trial proceedings
  • Liaise with counsel, experts, clients and opponents
  • Attend to the day-to-day management of files under the supervision of other lawyers
  • Draft agreements, letters and other legal documents
  • Conduct other daily legal practices

Required Skills and Abilities

  • LLB Degree with above average grades

The ideal candidate has the potential to, with experience and development, display the following characteristics:

  • The intellectual ability to analyse and solve problems
  • Ability to communicate effectively
  • Ability to develop their own knowledge base and that of the firm
  • The ability to deliver excellent client service
  • Well developed personal and organisational skills
  • Ability to develop a client base within, and eventually outside of, the firm
  • The ability to gain the professional confidence of others
  • We look for a well rounded individual who has integrity and an excellent work ethic